ORS ratings. Again. Big try to calculate. Big experiment. Tab included

First thanks to all who deal you expiriense here oh forums
I agree that every player has it own strategy
But I don’t afraid to deal, because I want to ask)

If you don’t want to answer here, please write me in PM, I will be happy to have any answers

I tried to expiriment
I cahge prices, plane types, servisec, seats, f/a and noticed the changes

My conclusions:

  1. I see the most “cheap” to influence by price (I felt it before) but now see it numbers. Just lower the price - raiting will go up. As I red it was not like this in the past versions. Now it is
  2. Onboard service now gives very small influence on rating but costs a lot.
  3. Using jets too important in competitive markets. Time effects on ratings a lot, so it’s dramatic on connections. (for me it’s not realistic. The influence of length of connections should be higher than flight length on short routes)


  1. If I correct - extra f/a has impact only if it changed on ALL flights via the OVERAL image of company
  2. MAIH SHOCK. Seats has no impact on ratings? I wait for 3 days to ORS refreshes after seats change. NO ANY EFFECT. THE same rating on 3 fights (short and middle). I changed to L plus. I thougt comfort is to expensive. And the price hidher will not be efficient. Where I am wrong?
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Please reply)
MAIH SHOCK. Seats has no impact on ratings? I wait for 3 days to ORS refreshes after seats change. NO ANY EFFECT. THE same rating on 3 fights (short and middle). I changed to L plus. I thougt comfort is to expensive. And the price hidher will not be efficient. Where I am wrong?

I have experimented quite a lot with the ORS back in the days and still do to some extent. Together, a group of players have developed a AS strategy which a lot of the larger AS players use some version of. From being pretty rare back in the days it has now spread like wildfire and you will find it in many places. It’s a really unrealistic model but it’s the most efficient way to play the game.

Honestly, I don’t really understand what you are doing. You can not change that number of variables and still expect to get adequate results. In order to properly test the ORS I suggest you decide on changing only one factor. If you are testing the seats then keep the same price, service, route and identical plane. If you only change the seats you will most likely get a result if your price is high enough. If you want to test price then keep the same seats, service, routes and identical plane. Eventually you will get a result and you can start analysing the data in your spreadsheet.

Thanks a lot for your reply!)

I do exactly what you said. I change the only one factor .
In the tab you can see “change” of one factor only and than impact

Price have a huge impact on ORS rating. Even-5%

5 bars service change after standart one gave rating overall from 79 to 81 and cost 15 usd per pax

And seat did not change anything!!!
The same price, other seat and the same rating
Flight KBP - Ory. Had 84 standard seat with rating 78, default pruce. After changing it has 80 seats in Y leasure plus with standart price ewith rsting 78
The same for flights kbp-dnk snd kbp-doc
It has 2 flights on different planes with default price. And the ratings on standart seats are the same as l+

In fleet statistics I see that a lot of players use leasure plus and default price. But it is the same rating. What is the reason? Its a last change in ors and they used old strategy? Or the oors overall rating do not affect the sales?


“78” is a displayed rounded value. Standard and LeisurePlus seats are just 6.3% apart.
You may want to compare seats that are farther apart to actually see something.

Oh, and which server are we talking about?

Limatambo, as I understand new GW with last ORS version

Other players also use mostly LeisurePlus (due to fleet stats)
I know about 6.3%. But 0-change in ratings. Soyou change seat, same price, same ratng less pax. If use more comfort seat, I gess small change in rating will touch profits dawn

But I will try, just to try)
But on several routes I tried to lower prise for 5% and gave much more results higer rating, 100% LF

I am also going to try high densety seats

tried to chande spreadsheet to make it more simply to understand

Only seat change:
No rating change of the flight after seat changes
Next will try other seats type

Again, the displayed rating is a rounded value. Those marginal 6.3% for the seat might just not be enough to lift your rating from maybe 77.51 to 78.51.

from where goes that 6.3%?) all elements of rating (seats, on-board service) have it “parts”?)

Look there are 3 flights and on all of them no change (even if 0.63 points plus it might be somewhere be above 75)

And in any case, you “pay” for a seat space. Standart seat default price not the same as leis plus. look at the column L - it is a cost of better seat. with the same rating you cann’t rise price.On the other hand you can simply lower price onthis 5-10 $ and you will have much better effect in rating.


  1. It differently work for connection. Where the service and seat gives more overall rating on connection flight. Example my doc-kmp-ory flight have 44 points (its better seat). And dme-kbp-tlv (same distance, gefault price, same time, standart seat) has 40 points. So, maybe, seats not important to direct flight, but imprtant to connections. In connection price factor cost less. But on the other hand on routes where i provide 95% price I hve rating near default price with competitor on leis pl seats and onboard service. He pay 25$ per seat minimum. Me only 5 $discount on one part of route.
    So new ORS is more price oriented?

  2. I tried to change more. My kbp-ssh route has 2500 dist (kbp-ory 2000). and kbp-ssh has 5 bars onboard. Together 5 bars onboard plus leis pl seat gives 88 rating. Now i want to prove it, so i will lower service.Maybe seat effected only on 2500 km routes. Or seats + onboard have “cumulative” effect?? I will try this

And also will try to other seat types)

Thank you for answers)

That’s the difference for the seat footprint (space consumption per seat)
So if we’d assume rating increases linear to footprint, you could factor the L+ at 1.063 to a Standard. But as there are other contributing factors, this may only marginally change your rating.

What I can is that as you’ve got 84 standard as opposed to 80 L+, cabin utilization is better on the standard.