ORS - Still dont get it!!!!!!

Hi fellow managers!!!!

I’m sorry to say that i still dont really get the ORS results… and how these are formed.

I have a nice route from Athens ATH to Santorini JTR, using a brand new Dash8 with 60 economy seats and 12 business. I have the lowest prices than all the competitors and i offer great onboard services.

However, my flight still rates very low in the ORS… nearly at the bottom of the 1st page.

What am i doing wrong???

maybe you should use better seats

or bigger planes

For such a short flight my seats are OK i think…

…and i compare my ORS against others who use exactly the same a/c… and i am still cheaper than them!!!

service on board?


It seems they are not ok, then you would have more pax booked on your flights. Price is only a small factor in the ORS. Seats and Service are much more important. If you offer the best seats - EcoPlus for example - and the best on board service as possible, you can charge more money and still have higher rated flights.

if your airline is new, you should also wait a couple of days, as your image improves after a couple of flights. Than the ratings should also increase…

My service is almost great… 4 bars for Economy seats (1 short of perfect).

I have 60 seats for Economy and 12 for Business.

All Economy seats are Standard and Business are EcoPlus

And THIS is the problem. Standard seats in Economy are crap, also EcoPlus for Business. Noone will book such a flight, if there are other flights with better seats.

I use EcoPlus in Economy, even in a Dash8 on short routes … and still make profit.