I’m not sure if it’s specific to the server or not but I can rarely ever get the stapleton server ORS to work. 90% of the time it says the server is always busy. Anyway we can get this thing boosted so it’s useful? Right now I can never search which routs do and don’t have flights.

To find out about flights on routes, you may also use the route management or have a look at the flight schedule of the airport.

The ORS on Stapleton is currently not avaibliable, because the server has a little delay. And so the ORS is deactivated to give Stapleton the possibility to catch up its backlog more quickly.

You can get your ORS rating by looking at your individual flights. Unfortunately you can’t see that of your competitors, but that doesn’t bother me as much since I mainly care about my own rating.

The only way I know to check routes outside of the ORS function is to create offices in all the cities I’m looking at and going from there. Personally that’s a hassle. Why don’t they just upgrade the server or have that function handled by an independent server?

I have a spare server sitting here. Hook me up with enough game credits and free shipping and it’s yours. Opteron 165 with 3GB memory.