Otto 5 - pricing question


I have been playing AS for couple of years with some breaks. I have always had premium airlines - premium seats with premium prices.

Now I started on this world and tried to apply same pricing strategy that I successfully used so many times before (e.g. I had no. 1 airline in Australia and no. 2 in Oceania…making around 70 mil AS$ profit / week when I stopped playing it) and suddenly all my flights are showing very bad price and price performance ratio resulting to terrible ORS rating.

Did anything change in the game? If so, just for this world or for all worlds? You cannot charge premium price for premium seats any longer? Thanks for your explanation / advice in advance.


How much above the standard price did you go? More or less than 50%?

Both the Yeager and Otto game worlds use a modified version of the ORS to encourage more dense/realistic seating configurations in the game. It’s currently in use on these two game worlds only.

You can read the announcement about it here:

You kinda still can, but not to the (extreme) levels you could in the past. It all still works on the same basic ORS logic as before.

For business 70%, for economy around 45%.

Thanks for letting me know…now it makes sense why I cannot fill the planes :slight_smile: