Ottos future?

Otto II will end soon … has anybody any informations about the future? Will there be an Otto III?

I really hope not Otto II seemed to be pretty bad tbh

i am not opposed to an otto 3

they just have to increase the costs both puchase and maint of some of the older aircraft

i have played almost since it started, but if the il-18 are still cheap and ppl can start 100s of them again i will not play this server a second time. I will wait for the new passenger update, or an updated long term server that is patched to the most recent version. ai dont like the old ones without the cargo and gate handling.

Yes, the IL 18 where like pest and cholera…

Hopefully we get an Otto III more similar to Quimby, but maybe slightly longer timeframe? 

But most important: No IL-18 or other new built antique aircraft

I was a big fan of Quimby and the idea of ​​non-permanent, short term server. But now I have to admit that a permanent server appeals to me more interesting. The chance to re-enter an empty server in combination with long-term game motivation would be really appealing.

Well since Otto will be closing next week we will see what will happen  ^_^

Wouldnt wish for a new Otto though.

Who said Otto III will be the same with Otto II? I thought they will regenerate new situation for a new temporary world. 

Every time a temporary server ends, all feedback is being evaluated, in order to enhance the user experience.

The configuration of Otto III (expected to launch tomorrow) will be different to the configuration used on Otto II.

Wow, exciting. Looking forward to the surprise tomorrow. Thanks for the information Mr. Spezialist! ;)

Will the new configuration be similar to Quimby or is it an entirely new configuration?

Looking forward to the launch.

Will there be something new with the feature along with Otto's relaunch?

We've had many configurations since the first Quimby launch, so I guess there's no entirely new configuration left by now.

There's no new feature coming with Otto III.