Overall Aircraft revenues /performance


just an idea i had, when clicking through my routes.

I don’t know, if it was already proposed, or maybe impleneted already (?), then i just didn’t find it.

From time to time, i want to know if a specific aircraft makes profit or loss in total.

So, i’m proposing an additional tab (maybe under fleets -> aircraft ?), where you can see a sum of the costs and profit an aircraft makes, independent of routes.

More or less that would be a ‘Balance sheet’ or ‘income statement’ for one plane i own or lease.

Is this a feasible idea?

I exactyle know what you mean and think it would be a good addition overall. Though it might be quite some programming to do : )



this is an option I thought of to some time ago!


Also what I would like to see some day would be profit statistics for the whole route (not just one flight number). Lets say I have >20 flights per day from A to B and I would love to know how much profit (and revenue and expenses) it makes without going through each flight number and adding up the numbers. We could have another tab in Route Management showing the profit/loss statistics.

I think a good idea would be to add another column or two under the ‘Flights’ page of each individual aircraft, such that each flight’s profit and profit margin is stated for each and every flight. This way user wouldn’t have to check the ‘details’ page for every single flight if they want to know what’s the profit margin like.

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