Pacific and Western Airlines Ceases Operations

Pacific and Western Airlines and its PW branded affiliates (PW Cargo, PW Express, PW Logistics, PW Central, and PW Trade and Leasing) have unexpectedly shut down.

The PW empire consistently ranked in the top 10 US airlines by passengers carried and was a major cargo carrier in the Western US.

Changes consumers and other airlines may notice:

No remaining airlines with major operations at either SLC or CVG

13 757 freighters will re-enter the market

A large number of 737s andEMB 195s, will also be released onto the market.

PW was a major force to smaller communities in the mountain west, where PW flew hundreds of flights to the 2-4 bar airports on aircraft ranging from 30 seat SAABs to 100 seat Embraer Jets. PW also served the transpacific passenger market from its ANC hub, sending more than 8,000 passengers between Asia and North America on a daily basis.