'Page expired' is killing me

Is there any real point (in terms of server performance or anything else) for pages to expire so damn quickly?

This is really is a major pain in the ass whenever I undertake complex scheduling operations.

For instance let's assume I am scheduling a new flight between two of my hubs, A and B, which are both very slot-challenged.

Of course this means I will almost certainly have to move some of my flights, e.g. at hub A flight A - C and at hub B flight B - D.

But assuming D is itself a very busy airport, it is very likely I would have to move another flight (D - E) to make room for the new schedule of flight B - D... or if the worst comes to worst kill flight D - E and find a way to backfill the schedule of the corresponding plane.

Now this means that I will have open in my browser numerous tabs:

- scheduling for the four aircrafts (operating A - B, A - C, B - D, D - E);

- slot tab for the five airports;

- at least one route management tab;

- fleet tab so I can choose other A/C to reschedule for some of the cascading flights;

- maybe A/C evaluation tools etc.

It so frequently happens that pages just expire and this is so annoying!

I remember having played AS some years ago and this was not an issue.

Could the time to expiration be extended?