Panama City PTY data

I was hoping the game could revise the figures for Tocumen International Airport in Panama (PTY).

PTY is the largest airport in passenger and cargo traffic in Central Americaand the Caribbean, yet, in the game it is rated 5 bars, the same as San Jose, CR or Punta Cana, DR. Most larger airports in Central America have a passenger traffic of roughly 3.5 million, while Tocumen had 5.5 million 2010. Furthermore Tocumen will have finished an expansion that will allow 10 million passengers to use the airport later this year.

Tocumen is also the regional hub for DHL and for Copa Courrier, thus, cargo should also be revised.

Panama Tocumen’s statistics should be similar to those of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


You can find more information about this on the government’s website for the airport.

Please don’t hesitate to send an email to containing as much information as possible. We will then add any confirmed changes with the next data patch.