Paradise - your new private world!

We have at least 1 seat free. In the next couple of days 2 more pilot seats could be free. Stay tuned and check our Paradise!

India and Mexico are empty and need airlines. :slight_smile:
We have 3 seats free. You can immediately open 7 holdings with 75 Mil starting funds for each holding. Many used planes are available on the used market.

Hi, are you still looking for player?

We are full but if you want I can open a waiting list.

Is there any available slots for this server?

Yes, 1 seat is free and good hubs are also available.

Nice… do you have discord channel or group chat so that I could communicate with you.

We still habe 1 seat left. If you wanna join, be fast as Xmas time does also mean that we will not be able to add you during 23rd of December and 2nd of January.

How much is the monthly payment on this server since there are already 24 players in the server?

Check our discord please.

We have some seats free again for you. More players will leave perhaps in the next days.
Even with 8 holdings per player and more investment open countries than anywhere else, we have enough space to grow and create a big airline.

Check in: Paradise

Boarding for Paradise:

We have some nice slots free now. Amsterdam and Zurich for example.

Discord-link is still active, come and join in to fly in Paradise!