Paradise - your new private world!

Another try this year to create a new private world - Paradise!

I want to propose the following setup:

- max. 7 holdings per player, 2 at server start, after 1 month 1 more holding each month
- holdings 5-7 should be in small countries
- max. 1 holding in USA, China and max. 3 holdings in EU
- unlimited subs
- 75 Mil starting funds
- 75 Mil Immediate Delivery Program
- No nighttime bans
- New ORS
- Interlining between own holdings and airlines allowed and active
- Ground network activated
- Double slots
- IPO active
- Investment open countries list A
- Real existing names and logos of airlines allowed but not a must
- New airplane types only (exception: Cargo planes, all models can be ordered as new) and some nice elder planes (like MD-82s)
- No used market at server start
- No open skies agreements, traffic rights only from and to your holding country (exception: cargo)
- Demand: 40% at server start, increasing
- No exclusivity for a particular country but for your main hub - other players are only allowed to have 1.000 departures from there
- All other rules are common to normal servers

Airplane types are up to discussions. I will not let ILs flying in Paradise, that’s for sure!

Costs: with 25 players, we pay 14,40 EURO per month. First payment for 3 months. If we have not enough players, we have to adjust the price.
Communication: I am open for Discord or any other system.

Paradise should be a very friendly environment with fair and friendly competition without arguments and unfair behavior. I am looking for players with all level of AS-skills but a lot of love for Airlinesim and for Paradise! Join in today! :slight_smile:
Write me a PM or post your comment here please. As soon as we have enough players, we can start.

Hey, sounds great! I’m interested

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Yup, I’d be interested!

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Im interested as well :slight_smile:

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Check this link

We are collecting airlinewishes and rule comments.

Paradise in the air!

really interested!!!

Join our discord channel.

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We are now 14 interested players.
Many free spots still available. Check our discord channels and find out more about


Ready for boarding!

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We are still looking for new players.
Some more news: we will have nearly all planes available as new with slightly adjusted prices.
And we will have our own list of investmentopen countries. If you want to know more about this and our setup, visit us in our discord channels: Paradise

Ready for boarding!

Hi there!

We are still waiting for you to join! Start on a new server with us!

You can order several old plane types directly from AS!

Join our Discord Channel for more news

Boarding will start asap. 1 player needed to start our journey.
Join our discord and check the options! Hurry up to be part of Paradise!

We started our journeys today. Thanks to support for the super fast setup!

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2 seats and many good hubs are available!

We have 2 free seats again. And some nice spots…
Check and join us on our journey!

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Still free space @highscore2? :slight_smile:

Yes. And more space will be available very soon.

Another update - we have nice spots available. DXB, PEK, NRT just to name a few.

DXB is gone, but we have Hong Kong and Doha available. Also NRT is still free.
Join us to create your dream airlines!