Partnership in Kuala Namu, Medan (KNO/WIMM)

Medan, 26th May 2015


SkyGate II Inc., the operator of Kuala Namu International Airport  (KNO/WIMM) and Rajawali Group, the biggest airline management group in Indonesia, have signed  MOU of partnership to increase number of flights from the airport. Kuala Namu is located in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Consist of single runway, the 3,750 meters runway can handle up to one movement every minute and ready to welcome the largest airliner, Airbus A380. At the moment only 10% of airport capacity is currently being utilized, presenting a huge growth opportunity. Being the second largest airport in Indonesia, the airport is expected to be the preferred connection point in Golden Triangle with Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. 

The MOU highlighted commitment between parties involved to increase number of flights and passengers of the airport. SkyGate II will provide whatever support necessary at lowest cost possible for airlines at the airport, while Rajawali Group will direct airlines under its group to increase flights and provide a number of connection option at the airport. SkyGate II and Rajawali also welcome other airlines to join the initiatives. If you are looking to start an airline in Indonesia, you are encouraged to start in KNO and airlines under Rajawali Group will be happy to assist your growth in Indonesia. If you already have an airline in Indonesia, Rajawali Group offer you co-operation to jointly develop a hub in KNO. If are a foreign airline, KNO provide you with more slots time, shorter turn around time and cheaper cost compared to neighboring airport such as SIN and KUL.

Look forward to welcome you to KNO, the gateway of Indonesia.

SkyGate II Inc. proudly welcome Indonesia AirBridge (IAB) to the joint collaboration to increase KNO traffic. Initially IAB will based two Sukhoi SSJ100 in KNO, flying KNO-SIN and KNO-KUL. Meanwhile Rajawali Group through its mainline Rajawali Nusantara and feeder Rajawali Express have dedicated 4 Embraer E195, 1 Bombardier CRJ700. 2 LET 410UVP to make up some 200x weekly departure out of KNO.

When the departure number reach 1000x weekly, hopefully within a month or two, SkyGate II Inc. will initiate a roadshow around the world to attract foreign airline to fly to KNO and utilize it as preferred connection point. We will keep you updated on the collaboration progress and still look forward for more airline to join us at KNO, the gateway of Indonesia.

Will you be offering superior terminal access?

SkyGate II Inc. proudly announce the addition of Star Eagle (SIQ) to the joint collaboration in KNO. With now three airlines combined, this initiatives has accumulate over 300 weekly departure from KNO. SkyGate II planned to  reach 1000 weekly departure in 6 months.

Will you be offering superior terminal access?

the fictional SkyGate II should be able to offer that. However my airline has no plan as well as money to build fancy terminal. Maybe later, in a year or so.

Today Swan Wings, the best airline of Western Australia is pleased to announce that we joined Skygate II by launching a direct flight to KNO