Passanger fees

I think passanger fee could be added ie baggage and payment fees. What other fees do yu think could happen

This was discussed already at one point in the past - several month ago. It will not appear in the game because it’s just wasting capacity (server wise) and you can’t say 100 have 20kg “bags”, 20 have 15kg … and so on. It’s just impossible so it will stay like this without fees in any form!!! See the prices you choose as “the middle” of all paid prices including taxes, fees …

Very much agreed. IMHO it would make the game "different" (and a bit more of a hassle) without making it better.


I agree and disagree, Bagagge fees aren’t really a workable option, but could there be scope for “premium passengers” within each class. That is to say passengers who’d pay more for certain additional luxuries, perhaps only for economy passengers. This could represent various services that some airlines charge more for, be it priority boarding or exit row (more legroom) seating. Maybe a set number of seats could be nominated as “premium” and selecting this costs "X"AS$ per seat but increases the rating of this seat and the operator can choose how much more they charges for it. Ideally this would be implemented in a way that doesn’t require the operator to change the cabin configuration, so its not an additional class.