Passenger volume and SEAT

I find that passenger numbers was is lower that real world a lot, even have a similar price to real and high AGEX. Please increase passenger demand,  especially domestic RTE.

Economy passenger seat need unbelievable high quality, make total numbers passenger of a plane is so low, hope it will become more reasonable when premium economy come.


ehm.... actually, I am pretty sure, demand in AS, even during low AGEX, is way higher than real life demand. like in: A LOT

e.g.: hoover last week: 138 million pax. average per week pax in 2017 worldwide: 77 mio   (source: )

Yes, total in a airport is much higher. But i think in a single rte is lower than real life...... :unsure:​ 

How does that logic work out? Each airport has more traffic, but the routes less? This does not add up.

That routes have less traffic makes perfectly sense, as the traffic is following the supply in AS. If there is no supply on a specific route, passengers find other ways to get there. Or if supply is better or bigger, passengers will fly a different route than in real life.

Riem with reduced traffic is quite close to the 77M of real life 2017, although a week doesn’t correspond one to one in AS.

I think the reason is because the competition is much more fierce in the game than the real life - e.g. at the moment the new server Xiguan has close to 1100 players, most of which are concentrated in the hottest countries/regions. Think about in real life even for big cities like Beijing, it'll be hard to survive if more than 20 airlines are headquartered there.