Pax in Cincinnati

Is anyone else seeing pax numbers dropping to/ from Cincinnati?

not in cincinnati, but almost all of my flights from/to LGA broke down from nearly full to nearly empty…

Pax numbers droped in all united states airports as far as I can see.

But only on domestic flights.

I’ll my flights dropped in the US. I’m flying empty on all my routes not good. I’ll be dead in a few days. Thanks

no need to worry at the moment, as mentioned in the german forum in a similar thread, they are working on the problem

Are they going to reimburse the money, planes, or a airline that goes down because of it. I worked hard to get where I’m at and to see my airline go down for tech problem is not cool.

I emailed support and am waiting for their reply. Within one day of all my flights being 100% booked they went to 75% then to 20% then finally to only 1 seat per flight.

Also I can only make it through 3 more days without going under at this rate. I was anticipating much larger cash flow for this week.

Thanks to the tech problem I liquidated my airline. I don’t think it was right to watch my airline go backwards I had 8 million in cash before this crash and in 3 to 4 days I was 1.5 million in the hole and a 767 down. I could of stay and use the money of the 767 to cover other planes but I was going to lose more planes anyways. Now I can’t come back due to someone using the airline name. But I don’t want to waste money and a year to have this happen agian. Thank you all it was fun!

Well, the problem with the name is solvable - just a short mail to the support.

This problem has not been fixed. I am losing a huge sum of money

Thats all good to know, I hadn’t logged in a few days and got on and my financial statement said I was off 12% on one airline and lost a lot on another. Thankfully I have some hefty cash reserves, anyone have route suggestions? I’m sitting on 30 unused 737s…

I’m not sure if we talk about the same “problem” - the problem of not booking passenger is solved.