Pearls and Aspern running with problems?

Hi, am I the only one who has problems with the servers?

I can't add new seat configuration to planes or change their fleet in both servers. Opening the message center is going slow. I can't add new routes to planes (Internal error).

And the newsboard shows the liquidation of an airline multiple times (all with the same liquidation-ID)...

Seems to work again after deleting all internet history, cookies etc.

I believe Aspern may be down. The game status log was running in the red for a while and now cannot load.

The server recently received a hot fix.

I also experience issues on both servers. I can't setup flights, paid 4 leasing fees for the same plane, and flight got cancelled (cabin configuration was/is OK). Maybe the recent hot fix broke something else?

I can't set up new flights. 

Take a look here:

95% of my actions in flight scheduling get a time out... even if there is no backlog (which is rarely the case).

We are still working on this at the moment.

I am still seeing a lot of time out issues on pages inside of Aspern.  I know you have posted that you are working on it but did note one think strange was my hub time was off by 1 hour than it normally is.

I recommend:

i still have a lot of error-messages when changing prices on routes or trying to put a cabin configuration on a plane on aspern.

since you've wrote that everything on aspern is going well, i just wanted to report this.


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I've also had that message today and additionally I think the server is very slow today. It takes much longer than before. Sometimes I've to wait about 30 seconds or even more...

As mentioned in the last of yesterday's status report, I'm working on further optimization to improve this. Will probably be rolled out some time today.