Pearls server is down?

I cannot access Pearls’ server :( Anyone encountering the same problem?

Seems running without any problem!

My airline in Pearls world is ‘1-Altitude’.

Did airlinesim blocked my IP address? Cause I cannot assess Pearl world using my desktop but I am able to assess it using another wifi network. I am also able to visit Pearls world using VPN.

Is it cause I visited airlinesim too frequently? I have been receiving time out messages when I visited Pearls world last time.

Nope - no restrictions from our site.

Thanks for the reply. I am checking with my broadband service provider now.

I noticed the same that i can not access AS (playing in Idlewild and Meigs) for about 1 hrs or so if i was using VPN before. But this is not happening everytime only sometimes… when i am using again VPN it works immediately.