Pearls Trouble

Open a support ticket, because in the Game World Pearls are not running seat reservations. I have had no response.

Will contact you in a short while...

I´ve got five planes wich still "inflight" for hours after their planned arrival time. All planes got a new flightplan around the pre-release test for flight ops -  and most of them are at their "break" between the old and the new plan. Because of this, i´ve got no cancellations so far, but the new planned flights will start within the next hours.

(Ticket #6013 & #6014 for two cases)

Maybe all players of PEARLS should check their flights when they have worked on their flightplans?

Sounds to my like a trigger is missing after one does changes to a flight schedule. Will look into it asap.

Just applied a patch to all game worlds that contains change to ensure that whenever one "touches" the flight plan of an aircraft, a flight operations update for all affected aircraft is triggered. This will happen 2 to 4 minutes after the change.

Thanks for your quick response, martin, but the problem is still there. Have a look to my G-AAUQ: The arrival time was planned for yesterday 15:19 HT (=UTC in my case) but it´s still inflight.

Same here for the other four planes.




All flights have now arrived and are not "inflight" anymore :)

(see Devau-Thread)