PeR Airways - the airline of Peru

PeR Airways expands further into South America!

The second biggest airline of Peru - PeR Airways - announced today new destination - La Paz, Bolivia - as well as some new flights to the biggest Peruvian cities.

It is all connected to the recent acquiring of 1-year-old A320-200, which replaced an A319-100 on routes from Lima to Arequipa, Trujillo, and Cuzco.

"We are concerned about high comfort on board of our jets, and we aim to fulfill the demand on domestic Peruvian routes at the same time. The latest addition of A320 to our fleet lets us increase capacity on domestic routes and add new flights with A319. One of them will be La Paz - the fourth international destination for PeR Airways" - the CEO of PeR Airways, Bogdan Seljanko.

Flights to La Paz will be sold for 189AS$ in Premium class and 587AS$ in Lux class.


PeR Airways congratulates Estonia with 100-year anniversary!

Peruvian airline PeR Airways has decided to take part in Eesti-100 campaign and congratulate the nation of Estonia with this huge milestone!  -do u think they care? -shut up! u are fired!


This event is really important to us since our wonderful CEO, Bogdan Seljanko, is born there and Estonia is very important to him.

"I was very surprised that all our staff in PeR Airways has actually taken part in this celebration and voluntarily learned Estonian anthem by heart. Some workers, though, decided not to participate, so they have TOTALLY VOLUNTARILY retired from our airline. Still, I am very excited for 24th of February, when the main celebrations will take place!" - Bogdan Seljanko.

PeR Airways has a huge program of different events planned on 24th of February.

  • 01:00 - 00:00 - on all flights throughout the day during the boarding and deboarding Estonian national songs will be played.
  • 01:00 - 00:00 - every passenger will be offered a piece of Estonian cake, special ice-cream and a glass of champagne.
  • 07:00 - 08:00 - a small concert of Estonian Symphonic Orchestra will be organized at Lima Airport.
  • 11:00 - 13:30 -  an event will be organized at Lima Airport, where there will be a buffet with wide variety of snacks and beverages and the classics of Estonian music will be played by Peruvian and Estonian musicians.
  • 12:30 - the main speech of the CEO of PeR Airways - Bogdan Seljanko - and the ambassador of Estonia in Peru.
  • 15:00 - 17:00 - similar events will be held in Cuzco, Arequipa, Trujillo, and Iquitos.
  • 16:00 - a special presentation of the Boeing 737-800 OB-0046 named "Tallinn" will be held at Cuzco Airport.
  • 17:00 - 19:00 - a similar event will be held at Santiago de Chile Airport with the speech of the ambassador of Estonia in Chile.
  • 18:00 - 19:30 - the parade of Estonian army in Tallinn will be available to watch live on board of all flights and also at the airport of Lima.
  • 19:30 - 21:00 - a special display event of all 10 airplanes of PeR Airways's fleet will be held at Lima Airport.
  • 00:00 25.02.2018 - a special grandiose fire show will be held in Lima


- the ice-cream that will be served on all flights on 24.02.18

PeR Airways congratulates the Estonian Republic with its 100-year anniversary on behalf of all Peru!


Congratulation on your 100th anniversary of Estonian freedom! Once Estonia was part of Sweden but I bet the later occupations were much worse ;). 

PeR Airways expands its operations in Cuzco!

The most rapidly growing Peruvian airline - PeR Airways - announces 3 more daily flights between Lima and Cuzco, bringing the total amount of flights to Cuzco up to 10 daily. That's the biggest of any other Peruvian carrier. New flights will be operated by the brand-new Boeing 737-700 OB-0029 "Tumbes", which will be the second one in our fleet. This plane will also fly daily between Lima and Piura, bringing the total amount of flights to the city up to 2 daily.

Flights to Cuzco are sold for 154AS$ in Premium class and for 477AS$ in Lux class.

PeR Airways has also announced its plans to get 6 more Boeing 737-700s  to replace the current fleet of A319,  which consists of planes older than 5 years old.

"Our goal is to keep our planes' efficiency and passenger's comfort on the high level. Our first Boeing 737-700, delivered directly from Boeing, has met our expectations and we have negotiations with the American plane manufacturer about getting 6 more planes of this type. Our long-term goal is to replace all Airbus jets with Boeing 737 family planes. But we will never stop expanding our current route network - we have some planned destinations which will be announced this spring" - the CEO has said.  


PeR Airways introduces PeR Express!

The most luxurious airline of Peru, PeR Airways, introduces a new subdivision of its main fleet - PeR Express! The subdivision currently consists of one brand-new Bombardier CS100 named Huanuco and it's planned to add 2 more CS100s for regional and international flights.

"That's a very exciting project for PeR Airways. We aim to conquer Peruvian domestic market by connecting small towns that can't be served by our A320/B737s to our hub in Lima and then to dozens of our destinations under the PeR Express branding. That project will have enormous influence on the local businesses by increasing the number of tourists and making the towns more accessible than ever" - said the CEO.

The flights will start from 17th of March to Huanuco HUU, Jaen JAE, Juanjui JJI and Tingo Maria TGI. Later in March, PeR Express will start flying to Cochabamba and will replace mainline jets on routes to Iquique and Antofagasta as well as will open new domestic routes.


Lima 2018

PeR Airways arrives in Houston, TX!

The biggest airline of Peru, PeR Airways, starts its first transcontinental flight from Lima to Houston!

"It's a very important step for PeR Airways. Our goal is to connect Peru to the world, and our partners in the US will help us to achieve that. We have leased a special dedicated B737-800 named "American Eagle" for our daily flights to Houston, and we aren't going to stop here. In the future, we plan to open more flights to the United States" - said the CEO.

The flights to Houston will start on 16th May 2018

Flights to Houston are sold for 454AS$ in Premium class and for 1362AS$ in Lux class.


PeR Airways becomes the 9th member of Sky Alliance!

The most popular airline of Peru, PeR Airways, officially became a member of Sky Alliance

"The membership in Sky Alliance shows that our efforts in creating a premium experience for our customers are now recognized worldwide" - said the CEO.


PeR Airways orders 12 A220-300s!

The most successful airline of Peru, PeR Airways, and one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Airbus, have signed the biggest deal in Peruvian history - PeR Airways orders 12 brand-new A220-300s and 4 used A320NEOs in order to replace Boeing fleet.

The airline has already been operating 2 A220-300s for a few months and it concluded that they perform much better than B737-700s, which have been the backbone of PeR Airways fleet for a while now. A320NEOs, on the other hand, are going to replace 3 B737-800s and the only B737-8 MAX in the airline's fleet.

"This contract between PeR Airways and Airbus is the very important step for us. In PeR Airways, we always work hard on improving our services, and with help from Airbus and Sky Alliance, we are going to succeed. This move will eventually bring down the number of aircraft types we operate from 5 down to 3, all of which will be Airbus" - said the CEO. 


PeR Airways has ceased operations today. More than 1000 employees with an exceptional knowledge of the Estonian anthem are now unemployed. 35 young Airbuses are left now to stand alone in Lima airport. Passengers who have bought tickets for PeR Airways flights will receive a compensation ONLY if they find the CEO's house and burn it down.

That has been my longest lasting airline ever (early January 2018 - August 2018), believe it or not. So let's say goodbye to this wonderful parody of an airline! 

P.S you can still find PeR Airways on Aspern thriving and charging pax even more for less. And Air Andes who charges EVEN more for even less. I have also airlines on Yeager Uno and Croydon, but I won't tell their names.

Haha XD

All this time I loved it. You Estonians are just funny on a different level!