Permanent Airplane Suggestion Thread

An idea that I have seen around is a plane suggestion thread, where users can post ideas about planes that should be added or updated. This allows more obscure planes to be added and more reflect the general world.

It’s quite obvious that you joined an hour ago :P

I hope this should be added in the next patch update.

Boeing 787 and 747-8F - Active already with ANA and Cargolux

End Production:

A340 series has already ended its production… A340 - the long goodbye

Very true, but as you might have read in many posts before the answer is:

  1. there are no reliable sources of performance data just yet

  2. the performance system of AS has to be updated, until this happens no new planes will be implemented, as they would not match the performance targets and the savings would be limited



or in your own thread




I would love to see the ATR72-600s make available for the next update, very interested in their fuel efficiency

I guess the performance won’t be massively different as its only a slightly modified engine.