Personalised A/C registrations

What I’d like to see, and I realise that it’s completely unnecessary from a technical perspective, is the possibility to choose the registration of an Aircraft when it’s ordered.

This means people could have a certain prefix e.g. G-EZ?? For easyjet.

Or give their aircraft registrations of real life aircraft, like the one they flew in on their last vacation.

Obviously needing to keep the national identity prefix.

I think that would be a nice thing, of course other things are more important, but besides it would be just nice! But with real rules! E.g. you can’t registrate a plane like an Airbus A320 in Germany with D-SEXY.

And there it’s getting complicated! But it’s on our longterm wishlist already!

D-SEXY should be fine, the ones that should be banned are swear words…


some countries use letters, some use numbers and some use a combination of letters and numbers. And the Belgian registrations I know have 3 letters, not 4.

Oh, and the club where I used to fly had a plane that was registered as TIT. Apparently tits did not bother the Belgian authorities :P

For the rest… it would indeed be a nice touch, but it’s not something I am really waiting for.


Nope, because the A 320 is weighing more than 20 tonnes and thus has to be A-regged (German rules).

The registration thing is also one of the gimmicks i’d love to see implemented at some stage.