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From: Peruvian eXpress Press Office

Subject: Peruvian eXpress starts operations in Lima

Government, citizens and businesses rejoice with a new privately-owned airline starting it's operations in Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport on 28th of May 2015. Peruvian eXpress is a much needed breeze of fresh air in Peruvian skies, which were grossly mismanaged over the past. "We believe our customers will be just as excited flying with us as we are at starting this great venture, which will see us go from strength to strength in order to become a major force in South American airline world " - Owner of Peruvian eXpress had to say on this occasion.

From: Aviation Insider - Lima office, web edition

Subject: Peruvian eXpress fleet - what are you in for?


Speculations were abound in regards to the composition of the Peruvian eXpress fleet. Many industry insiders were betting on a proven Dash 8 record as a great airliner for new airlines to become the aircraft of choice for the new Peruvian carrier, however, our inside source can report that will not be the case with the self-proclaimed Peruvian national carrier. Our source has pointed out the lack of decently priced Dash 8s, or any other turboprop on the market. With the cost of acquiring a Dash 8 at 700,000-750,000 AS$ a piece at the time of writing, one can understand the dilemma airline managers had to face, especially once you include the cost of cabin configuration - Peruvian eXpress would have limited itself to 8 or 9 aircraft to start with, which clearly, for a fledgling Peruvian market is a drop in the bucket. Our experts believe that such approach would've left the airline wide open to competition from new startups as well as foreign carriers already operating in Peruvian airports. 




Our insider, however, was happy to inform that Peruvian eXpress will start with a fleet of 20 McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft in a white and red livery. Aviation Insider got an exclusive glimpse into the livery and you can see our rendering above.


Peruvian eXpress is set for their first 7 departures from Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport on 29th of May 2015 at 1500 local. 

From: Peruvian eXpress Marketing Office

Subject: Domestic Network - #1 Carrier


Peruvian eXpress is to become #1 domestic carrier after the first day of operations with 11 domestic destinations flown to at least 3 times a day. We are determined to expand our network to all Peruvian airports within weeks of start of operations.



nice map! good luck with the airline




Wow, that idea to shape the centerline whit the emergency exits is just awsome, I have never seen it before.

A very nice Livery! Good Luck for your airline. There are enough seats for additional transfer pax from/to LHR on my 787 ;).