Pilots on the board

I figure if you want to make things more realistic might as well know who to ask. If you’re a pilot add to this thread. Give your aircraft flown and I’ll edit them into this list.

Boeing 737 ([size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Rolfio)[/color][/size]

CRJs (FirTree)

DHC-8s (FirTree)

EMNB-120 (FirTree)

ERJ-145 pilot (Duck)

Merlin IIIB/Metroliner (Duck)

DHC-8 (1/2/300)


CRJ (2/7/900)

Boeing 737(900)

Now that 2 people answered your question, where would you use this information?

Gues there are not a lot of pilots playing the game or they don’t want to answer.

I hope everyone can make a good use of this information.


DHC8 (300/400)