PKX launch tomorrow!

Beijing Daxing will open it’s doors tomorrow! Exciting!


If someone travels via PKX in the near future, let us know about your experiences?

Also, I hope we’ll see it in AS soon! In existing worlds aswell as new ones. What do you think?

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Beat me to it!

Yes, the pictures from CNN are amazing! Seven runways, holy wow!

China Southern and China Eastern are simply doing some publicity flights. The airport will officially open on Sept 30. First Beijing Nanyuan has to close as their is a flight path conflict. It will close on Sept 29 and all China United’s equipment, the sole airline at Nanyuan, will be transferred to Daxing. Also PLAAF executive flights will also be transferred to Daxing at the same time. Flights for other Chinese carriers will transfer slowly pending government approval. Quite a few international airlines are already commited to moving eg BA and Finnair. These will start from the beginning of October.

This link gives more info and your browser can translate it easily.

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Flights now running from PKX. As stated just China United at the moment so nothing to look at on FR24 currently. A few landings left over the next 90 minutes from todays schedule.

Nice. Can’t wait to schedule the new CAI-PKX.
AS Team will wait for real commercial flights to take off and land from/to PKX.

In some servers there’s Berlin Brandenburg airport :smiley:

Which explains why we’re more cautious these days :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be fair Daxing has opened on time and the planes are arriving and departing mainly on schedule. Obviously being given priority by ATC given the airspace congestion. What’s the ETA on Brandenburg. Even Brexit will beat Brandenburg’s opening.

Dont be too sure on that, the BREXIT develops a lot of uncertanties too. :smile: As far as I know BER does not have a fixed precise opening date yet, but it looks like in autumn 2020 it will finally be ready to open for commercial flights. Due to some misplanning the old Terminal of SXF will continue to operate to cope with the high demand as the new BER terminal is not build for these numbers. In the future a satellite terminal shall improove the capacity, but for any reason they forgot to build the tunnel needed for the connection… So a lot of good workers active there, but I think it is impressive that PKX is now opening even though the construction started well after the first opening date of BER. :grin: Of course the security and safety tests in PKX are not comparable to those needed to open an airport terminal in Germany, but maybe a mixture of both philiosophies would be the perfect match.

Safety standards are the same in China and Europe for an airport.
BER is a total disaster and not yet clear of the airport will ever open.
Congratulations for a master piece to China!

As far as the airside is concerned. As for the rest, I do have my doubts.

As stupid and silly as constructors in BER cannot behave. No way.

Phase 2 of PKX began yesterday with the next batch of flight transfer from PEK.
BA became the first foreign airline to use the airport with a B788 from LHR followed by a Royal Brunei flight. Finnair will begin on 3 November.
Air China, China Eastern and China Southern have moved a number of flights from PEK and a number of smaller airlines have also moved.
This is a measured ramp up of the airport to iron out any problems. So far so good as far as I can see.

Can AS move all traffic from NAY to this airport? NAY has no commercial flights now.

In the past here the codes have been the same they did. Istanbul, Guangzhou and Kunming come to mind. When Changsha moved to the new airport , 2012 I think, the code was new and you had to move it all yourself. Technically if they are using any flavour of SQL databases it would be an extremely simple thing to do.

I should also add that the new Qingdao airport is due to open on 31 December. The old one will close the day before so should retain TAO code.
The new Dalian airport is running late. Current estimate is late first quarter 2020. It will be the worlds largest offshore airport when it opens and thus will offer 24 hour service unlike the current one. The old airport will close immediately and the code, DLC, should be transferred.
The new Sanya airport, another off shore airport, moight be opened before the end of 202 but we will have to wait and see. It will also have a combined seaport.

A nice video from the blogger Sam Chui on the day the BA flight arrived from LHR being the first international flight. Also an interesting interview with Zaha Hadad whose company designed the airport with interesting insights into the design.

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