Planning Network Airline in Heart of Europe

Hello Everyone,

several years ago i have been on DEVAU running one of the largest and most successful Airlines at that time. 

Now, i would like to come back and build a network airline in the heart of europe. Of course for this, due to slot availability QUIMBY is an ideal server to start. 

First target is to set up a route system connecting most european countries and airports with EMB-195 for flights up to 1500km, and either B737 or A320 series for flights between 1500 to 3000km. 

All destinations with about 2 to 5 flights / day depending on demand. 

Fleet should have an average age below 3 years and passenger services at highest possible level. 

A regional daughter with ATR / DASH / CRJ is thinkable lateron.

Long term target of course include intercont routes. 

For this, the Airline is looking for membership in an Alliance or searching founders to create an Alliance that should be "small" by no. of members, but large by routes and network on longrun in order to set up global network.

At the moment i am setting up an airline on ELLINIKON in order to get back into the game. This AL will be replaced by the new one in the next days after first experiences have been made.

If anyone is interested to set up a long term alliance at high quality level, please get in touch through PM



Quimby is a temporary server and will be shut down next spring.



ECOBIZZ International has restarted on RIEM   :)