please prolong ending time for quimby!!!

Dear admin. 

please prolong the game world quimby!! please! 

it was too short to play. 

Quimby wasn’t meant to be a world to “play”, but a beta to help the admin fix any underlying problems with the dinamic turnarounds, as well as for players to learn how that system works, so that when a new gameworld opens, everything works smoothly and people already know what to do.

It is pretty unlikely that Q3 will keep running.

From the first place Q3 was meant for public testing as well as running AS 1.6.3 in larger scale to find and adjust issues if there are any (which there were not?). I would like to thank all people who have been working with developing, brainstorming, testing or helping in other ways to get this version online. I really liked the idea and the version it self. I really like this update in particular but I can not really get my head around all the scheduling I have to do (maybe doing an update on making scheduling easier?). I really enjoy the latest updates that are getting the game more random and allowing more different strategies and getting the game more like the real world with millions of strategies of running an airline (maybe not millions but there are at least (there are not really million of strategies in AS but there are many if you stick to a particular outline). Hopefully the next update will further enhance this idea.

can you just transfer this game to new server to continue this world please?

it will not. there are plenty of servers available with gameworlds that run, well, basically unlimited