Point to Point

Is a hub and spoke system the only way to succeed at this game?

I’ve tried a few times setting up airlines with a point to point model with no success i.e. only 20% load at most after a week with the best flight rating for the routes.

I have tried searching to see if this has been discussed in the past but couldn’t find anything with any detail.

In general, it’s unlikely that it works except for very strong routes between large airports.

True point-to-point is usually limited to local niche services and LCCs. The latter mostly “generate” their own traffic by offering connections that haven’t existed before and employing a very specific marketing strategy to draw in passengers. Unfortunately though, this is something we cannot model in AS. We have to rely on real world traffic flows, so our numbers might be different absolutely, but they are more or less determined by reality relatively.

I used to have a company in China (PEK), and more than 90% of the traffic were from direct passengers… So, at least in China, you can try to make a point-to-point system.

I closed it not because it didn’t work… but for personal reasons (i need to study hard to pass a test) ;)