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Hello and welcome to PolishJet’s Newsdesk.

PolishJet is an eastern european airline aiming to provide affordable flights for everyone using A320/A330/A340 family aircraft as well as B737.

PolishJet Express is operating the regional ops and routes with low demand using Airbus A220, ATR, Embraer and Mitsubishi CRJ aircraft.

From its Warsaw base PolishJet builds a network connecting the west with the far east but also serves holiday destinations. Due to capacity restrictions in Warsaw, PolishJet opened bases in Prague, Riga, Cologne/Bonn, Basel, Amsterdam, London-Luton and Bucharest and operates also “float” flights between other Polish cities to major cities.

We are open for new partners to expand our business. Please send your application for an IL and we will happily rewiev it.

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News and more will be posted here from time to time.

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With the arrival of the first 3 A380, PolishJet “arrived” as a top leader within the airline world. We also thank our Interlining Partners for the great cooperation.

The CEO said: “We will put as many seats in our aircraft as it is reasonable to cover our costs and to afford flying for everyone. Some competitors have only 76 seats in an A321 whereas we have 198 seats in a two class configuration. Also being now in the top 10 list with pax carried per week worldwide and number 3 in Europe makes us proud and is clearly a sign that passenges choose us and our airline partners.”

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The system in AS allows these kind of business practice. So, the aim in real world to produce low seat mile costs and competitive cost-structures is probably not the most important task in this game. Take an A220, configure it as a 50-seater and demand high prices and you are lost, when you schedule a 50-seat Dash 8-300. However, I do fully understand your point of view. Sadly, there is a general disadvantage to operate aircraft in realistic seating-configurations. So, a 107-seat Fokker 100 is “bad” but 76 seats in an A321 is “good”. During my worklife, I never saw the majority of airlines operating A321s with only 76 seats. The A321s used at my workplace are configured to seat 235 seats. :thinking:

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