Possible bug on ellinikon

An airline on ellinikon has 700 departures from an airport, but none in the airlines flight schedule page from that airport?

Does that mean they just havent activated the flights yet?

you guessed it :slight_smile:

I saw this thing at a other world before too :smiley:
On an old world one big airline stop operating at he server and than a good spot was empty .
One man/woman buyed a lot of cheap LET aircrafts and set an flight plan on every plane but don’t activating it. So he blocked all this slots for further growing. Was very terrible because the slots get all blocked and no one other had a chance to get these not used slots :frowning:
I would message the support team if the airline don’t activates the flight plans soon because that would be slot blocking, or am I wrong? :smiley:

Are the slots actually blocked? So on a slot time which is full of inactivated flights, can you not plan a flight? I don’t think the slot is locked until you actually activate (flights are green on flight planner).

They are blocked but not very long. I cannot remember exactly but I think 24 hours. Then the slots will be free again.

We won’t be playing the what if game, or suggesting ways to break rules to others.

  • If you genuinely think someone is slot blocking then please email support@
  • If you believe you have found a loophole in the system then again the answer is email support@
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Yeah I agree with you @ianmanson
That’s the reason I deleted my comment because I don’t want that someone use that for breaking the roles :slight_smile:

They are still blocked 770 of them. Its really annoying. So someone can schedule 770 flights between two really close airports and slot block?

I have reported the airline but no response yet

Also i know it’s technically possible but they are using 40 year old planes and have grown to 150 planes in 2 to 3 weeks lol

Generally, scheduling flights without activating them immediately (<4 days) must not always be slotblocking.
I for example use to schedule a complete hub/wave structure which can take >7 days due to limited time before I activate all those flights. This in order to avoid losses due to half empty flying airframes when only half the structure is done.

The deciding difference is that they are activated at some point.

They are still blocked and not heard anything from reporting them.

The same airline has now got like 400 odd planes (all 30-40 year old bangers lol) but they still do the classic, schedule 500 flights and dont activate them.

Currently have quite a few departures out of several airports, but their flight schedule doesnt show. Ive reported them, still not got a responce.

@SRNP Please send a reminder to the corresponding support ticket or send me a PM on the forums, so I can make sure you get the latest update about that. Thanks!

Will do, what he is doing is buying 50-60 737-200s and scheduling them but not actually activating them, so he doesnt have to lose money on the old birds flying and they are so cheap it doesnt matter