Possible Cheating

Hi everyone,

Today someone offered to buy my 727-200 (how generous of him). I negotiated a deal where I would sell it to him if he also bought two of my other planes, to free up some cash for me. He told me he could not buy both of the other planes as he didn’t have enough money, so I said no deal. 5 minutes later he messages back saying he now had the money and could buy the three planes. I said okay, but because the 727 was in flight I could only put it up for sale in a few hours. The other 2 planes were already for sale. He says no problem he’d buy the 727 from me in a few hours. Then another company bought the two planes that were already for sale - a company with only 1 route, only 1 other aircraft, and none of the type he was buying. It was clearly the same user under a different account. He then messaged me saying “it looks like the other two planes have been bought, I’ll take the 727 later today.”

This is clearly cheating - he’s using a separate account to make the deal happen the way he wants, after which he can just close that account! What can I do about this? The two planes have already been sold, and I’ve already cancelled all the 727’s flights (and paid the cancellation fees!) and deleted its schedule (because I thought I was selling it in a legit deal!). Why do people cheat like this?

Your plane sold.You got the money of the plane!What you lost?If you mean you cancel the 727’s flight and don’t want sell it at the final!That your problem!

A Multi-Account is a way of cheating! Send a message to the support service and they’ll sort it out for you…

Yes, AS will ban his newly created dummy account.

So that is it, nothing more, one day later, he create another account and doing the same thing.

AS should really ban his account which has more value in it, not the dummy one.

Please send a mail to support@airlinesim.aero with the airline names and the server and we´ll have a look at it

Done…for general information - I sent a couple emails back and forth with a member of the support staff, and it looks like he’s getting to the bottom of this.