Price Setting?

Is there a automatic price setting mechanism that is setting my route prices to be higher than default without me changing it? It seems either i am forgetting that i have upped a price or the price setting mechanic is automatically changing to the route average amongst carriers?

There is no route average price setting automatic reversion, and there is actually no way to set up a pricing profile, besides going through ticket price adjustment tool.

Ok  thanks for that but I am sure when I've opened up the inventory page the price is very different to what i had set it to and is different to what the flights are actually booked at. that is why I wondered if their is some werid mechanic as the "new"price seems to be an average of the compettors and my rpice for a route.

Actually thinking about it more it may be that when I first set up all the flight numbers before i even had booked any aircraft or flights i did use the global price setting to up al by xx%..... I hope non one has now wasted time looking for a non excisting error