Pricing Error ????

Hi all,

In the Costing Summary of my flight I see the Station Costs which are as follows:

Ramp Agents: 1,136 AS$

Check-In Agents: 1,089 AS$

Total: 2,224 AS$

However if I check the Station the situation is:

Ramp Agents: 1,022 AS$

Check-In Agents: 980 AS$

Total: 2,002 AS$

Why am I being charged 222 AS$ more????



How many flights a week do you have? If you just have one then I think the next week will be discounted.

As staff is charged on per week basis, during week end closing, the figure that is most important is personnel cost under personne management. Anything else is a pro rated calculation which is affected by many variable factors. Also some statistical data may show week data based on calendar weeks, while some other data be calculated on corporate week of your airline.