Pricing Questions

Hello all, I’m having trouble with prices and after looking I can’t work it out. My problem is that I have booked my flight schedule and I’m now wondering if I can alter prices or if I have to cancel the flight schedule to do it. Also I have little competition in my market so was thinking of a 25% increase in prices, is this going to reduce the amount of customers or will my loads be reduced? One flight has no competition so I’m thinking that I’d be safe to increase the price, is that right?


Do not cancel your flights. If you increase or decrease your price it will take effect in 72 hours time. You should only increase the price if you have have 100% loads. Yes they MAY decrease but it may not. I increase my prices in 5% increments so I can run at the optimum price.



If you click on the 3rd register (the one with the left right and center arrow) you will find ticket prices as the last option to click.... there you can choose from everywhere to everywhere and then use standard Price +25%  and mark the classes you want to change .... but if your schedule is activated you will need 3 days until the new prices will be booked into the system.

Thanks Ian and Benjamin. Increased prices by 15% as I believe I will have very good bookings for now and need the cash as I did mess up and had to retire some staff, I will just keep checking the prices every couple of days and see if I need to adjust it down a bit. 15% seemed like just the right amount to ensure I am below what competition there is.

Thanks again, been a great help.