A little query, mainly aimed at the more experienced players.....How often do you change prices on routes? Do you just leave it at default? Or do you meddle around to get the most ORS and profit on each individual route?

I generally never change my prices. I have my ideal price factor where i will achieve top rating. If my flights are full I add capacity instead of increasing prices. If the flight is not full I will generally not touch it and keep the route as I do not have the time to micromanage with thousands of routes around the world. If there is only one flight per day i wont care about it but if there are more the issue will come to my attention. For example with my US venture i have no ones dropped a route or changed prices. 

The only occasion when I change prices is if there is excessive demand. Such as when Indonesia was left empty and I could easily be completely full with 200% prices. Which is where my competitors made mistakes by gradually rising prices. If such a huge market gets left completely open it is obvious that prices dont matter. When competition heated up and the market got more and more saturated I decreased my prices to my standard percentage which got me top rating meaning that passengers would first book me before others getting me all passengers. 

Typically when a server starts I set a higher price range and then gradually lower it until I bottom out at what I think is best.

For example:

Week 0-6: 80%

Week 6-12: 75%

Week 13+: 70%

Although with first class I set it much lower than Y or C, possibly 50% or 60%.

Then I do as @CBE said, basically just add more flights to routes that run full. And manage/eliminate routes that are way under performing if I have time.

When you start to get into the thousands and thousands of flights it starts to get fairly unmanagable. And basically going from a profit margin of 25% to 35% is just not worth the headache (especially if they are short flights that bring in less than AS$20,000 in profit).