Pride Group Newswire


Hello there Pride fans!

As you may have noticed the Pride Group of Companies has returned to Fornebu. We are very pleased to be back. Several years ago our CEO had a successful start on this very server. While we ended up leaving the server for new opportunities, we have now returned. European Pride, is based at CDG. While we definitely had startup assistance, we have grown rapidly, and recently added widebodies to out fleet. The excellent Boeing 787, and the Queen of the skies herself, the 747-8i. Our narrowbody fleet consists of Airbus products in the 320 family. We are very happy with our aircraft choices, and we look forward to a long term commitment on this server.

As always the Pride Group of Companies supports diversity and social consciousness in all things, and will continue to spread that in all possible ways.

Here’s to a bright future!


The Pride Group of Companies is pleased to announce the launch of Euro Pride Regional. Based in Nice, we will fly a modern comfortable mix of Embraer, Airbus and Boeing Aircraft. We will use these to offer our high end service to smaller cities in Europe. With the connections offered by European Pride , our Alliance partners, and excellent interline agreements, we provide many options for people in these smaller cities.