Private Game World Drake


I’m planning to set up a private world of games called Drake and I’m looking for new players.

The world would be configured as follows:

Active land networks
Dynamic turnaround times
Double sockets
No night bans
No flight ban between airports and countries
True and fictitious airline names allowed
New and used aircraft available
IL between holdings allowed
IPO allowed
At start 5 holdings per player - in the further part of the game the possibility of opening new holdings
85 million start funds for 3 holdings and 65 million for 2 more
In the initial phase (3 months) there are no countries open to investment
All aircraft types available

Player Requirements:

WhatsApp for communication between players
Required monthly payments 15.00 EURO (payable up to 1 each month in advance for the given month).
First payment of EUR 45.00 (non-returnable) for three months to enable server development.
There are currently offers for 25 players, if you want to join, send me a message.

Hi. Are you still looking for player?

I have sent you a message. Thanks.,Look forward to hearing from you