Private Game World - Halifax


We are opening up the world for some new players. We have been running since April and there are still a lot of opening available. Recently a long time player with large airlines left so some big gaps to fill. The group is a friendly group and always willing to help a new player out.

The world is set up as follows

  • No ground networks
  • Standard slots
  • Nighttime ban at various airports
  • Used aircraft
  • IL permitted between holdings
  • IPOs allowed
  • New ORS
  • No limits on how many holdings per player
  • 75 million in start up funds (up to 3 holdings)
  • No limit on how many players per country

Player Requirements

  • WhatsApp for communication between players
  • Monthly payments required 14.50 EURO (due by the 1st of every month)

Right now there are openings for 5 players, if you are interested in joining please PM me.


hey everyone,

We have openings for 5 new players…there is lots of room to grow all over the world. PM me for details!


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Hi - I’m interested in joining

We have some openings on Halifax. And a lot of nice markets available.
Please contact us @shawn_855 if you are interested to join.