Private jet business

A suggestion id love to implement (probably never going to happen) is a way to set up a business jet airline. Create a third type of PAX (Pax, cargo being the others) and create some new demands to be able to run a Private jet business like Netjets and have a cargo style traffic rights.

Have Challengers, Citateons, BBJs, Gulfstreams, Learjets etc etc.
Be pretty awesome I think.

I don’t see any sense in this.

Most private jets also don’t run on a fixed schedule but on a on-demand/charter basis, so how are you going to create a schedule for those A/C?

I agree with The Thomate.

There are definately some pretty awesome business jets, but the private jet business doesn’t really fit into the game. I also think that it is hard to get reliable data about that kind of air traffic.

I think this question should rather be about charter/wet lease which would be a brilliant thing for the game