Private Server Admin Panels

With the wave of private servers that are available I thought it would be a good idea for AS to create an Admin panel for them. Right now my understanding is that you have to go through AS support for anything and that can take time, however if you were able to make some small change in house then it might make things more fun.

Some options:
Ability to add/remove money from airlines
Change airline names
Add aircraft to the market
Delete Holdings/Airlines

These are just a few options that would help server owners.


Add new players would also help.


When we originally launched the exclusive game world feature, our intention was to invest the least amount of development time to get a proof of concept going, just so we could see whether there would be any interest in such an offering. We would then add new features once we knew there would be a return on investment. Well, the rest is history and it’s safe to say that the experiment was a success. As such, more features around exclusive game worlds will likely happen sooner than later.


the ability to set the number of players on the server: 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. There will also be a great function

More than 25 players on a private server? Not possible as far as I know.

yes, it would be nice to implement it

The limit is 25 players. AS does not allow more on a private server.

Can we get an ETA on some features?

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I would not expect much unfortunately - with the announcement today (and the eternal problems since the PU launch) I would not expect much time has been dedicated to AS at all…

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Ahhh and yet, AirlineSim have possible up to 100 players private server. This Spezialist informated me about before.

25 cost 360 each a month and 50 players cost 660. so a little bit discount.
I not now prices for 75 and 100

Isnt it possible that you guys create accounts with admin features for every private server. The admins then would get the acess infos for those accounts and could do the things you do with your accounts but only on this server. Or does the admin features require going into the code?

Currently, admin rights are global across all game worlds. But should we add more functionality like this, we’ll do something along those lines (local admin rights etc.).

But in theory if we assume that no admin of a private server would abuse these admin rights and use it on other servers he shouldnt acess. Then it would work?

Does it make sense to assume in theory no abuse would happen? If you read what Martin answered, it is very clear that these admin rights must be restricted to the one world. I assume that it would be very easy to implement but I also assume that this feature is not on top of the list for AS.

Yes i know what martin has said and wanted to say but i wanted to know out of couriosity if it would be possible? Also i wasnt trying to push this feature as other things have priority.

This indeed is a very important and useful topic for admins of private worlds. I just want to say that it is a bit senseless to assume what would be or not if something would be possible or not. I would love to see admin rights on private servers for the owner!