Pro/cons above min tran times

What’s the Advantages/disadvantages of Leaving the minimum Transfer time in between flights? My airline is “Connect Jet, Which I might shutdown and X-Jet” in Nicosia.

Disadvantages? None.

Passengers will have an opportunity to switch to other flights within min. transfer time if you’re offering them.

Actually…the min. transfer time would require your planes to be on the ground for an hour doing nothing…which means this reduces the amount of times your aircrafts are flying…another disadvantage is that your medium haul flights will be hard to schedual using time waves.

On the upside…your airline gets customer who pay twice as they transfer from one flight to the other…this makes you lots more money…and when you are building the time waves…make sure the connections make some sense and aren’t already being served!! ;)

Best of luck!