Profit Margin

Is there any way that profit margin can be increased without increasing the ticket price as I need to stay competitive to my competition.

Also is there any quick way to get a better rating?

To the first question, yes, you can try to lower your cost on your on-board service, but beware of its rating as you don’t want to make it drop

you can also change your maintenance contract

or lower the salaries given to your employees, but I personally don’t recommend it, as it might effect your staff mood and lower the ratings of your flight

To the second question, you can try changing seats, pay your flight attendance more so their mood will increase, provide better on-board service.

Also, if you just can’t fill up your plane, might want to try interline with some other airlines to add connections to your flight

Look at your Seat Load Factors on various flights. See which routes makes the most margin, and switch some less successful routes to more profitable ones.

If your SLF are anywhere at 90%+, then I’d stick to the advice by yyyyyyexe963.