Prosperous Universe

Shameless plug for our other game project, hence a post in the off-topic section.

As some of you might know, we started working on another browser-based game all the way back around 2012/2013 and even got to the point of publicly announcing it at an AirlineSim convention. A lot of of time has passed since and the project essentially died for a variety of reasons. Things changed again when in 2015 I met another developer in my current hometown of Freising. After having a few beers together we decided to give it another shot and to reboot the project from scratch. Ever since we've been quietly working away on the project next to AirlineSim and external projects (the latter mostly to pay the bills), merely publishing a weekly development log and not spending too much time on publicity or community building.

This has changed this week, with the launch of a brand-new website and a dedicated discussion board. You can find both of them here:

Important note: If you want to join the Prosperous Universe forums, you can and should use your existing AirlineSim's the same underlying database and you will be able to use the same account to access the game once it becomes available!

A quick intro to the game: As you might expect it's another business simulation game, albeit very different in nature to AirlineSim. You will be able to found a company in a hard science-fiction world in which humanity was forced to leave earth at about today's level of technological development. While there are plans for a military component, the focus of the game clearly lies on the economic aspects. So the most important features are production, trade and - probably quite interesting to you - transport. But I suggest you check out the feature roadmap and decide for yourself whether PU could be something for you :)

Thanks for the information about the same database, Martin. First i was a little bit confused, that my airlinesim nickname was already registered at Prospered Universe, but than i realized it. 

Good idea, it´s an easy way for every airlinesim player to get in touch with your new project.  :)