Provide useful information on contracts

Hello, all! It's "Newbie" again. Here's a suggestion that would help out me a lot.  When I go to view a contract on plane I purchased, currently, there's no useful information displayed. (see photo) 

As you can see, this is a loan agreement contract. It gives the date and time of the signing of the "contract" and the partners.  However, there's a few things missing.   Wouldn't it be nice if it included the amount? AND for what the contract is for?  Right now it shows the next billing date and time.  That don't tell me anything without the rest of the information.  I think if you lease an aircraft, it shows that information, but I pressed the wrong button, and now I have this loan.  (newbie's press wrong buttons)

So then, I try to go to my bank account and look for an aircraft purchase on that date.  Not only is the date not there for that aircraft, but there are NO mention of ANY aircrafts purchased or leased at all. And the numbers don't add up.  (I'm not yelling at you guys - the caps are for emphasis )

So, now there's a problemo.   I own this jet and are making payments in an undisclosed amount that doesn't show up on my bank account, (even though the money gets taken out) and I can't sell the thing, because there's a loan on it. So, I once again have an "up in the air" loan, or a "pay whatever we decide to take out of your bank account" loan with absolutely no relevant information as to how much, or any reference to what the missing money is for.  

From the photo I attatched, can you (airlinesim) look through your database, and tell me what the amount is?  It don't even say which jet it's for.  The only reason I know what jet it's for is because I remember pressing the wrong button. 

If you can't do that, would you let me view my whole bank account from day 1 so I can do it myself?  Please keep in mind that although this topic may have at one point in time been spoken about here, I don't know where to find it.  The game itself takes hours out of my day just to try to make my planes fly.  Trying to sift through all these posts to find one that resembles my problem would take more hours than are allotted for a 24 hour day. We need more hours in a day, but there's nothing anyone can do about that.   Thanks for your time.  

Well, I currently have no plane on a loan, so I can't verify it directly.

My leasing 3200

contract has some more information on the right hand side. If it isn’t showing on your contract, then I agree. It would be helpful to show that information there as well.

In any case you will be able to check on your loan (and payments) on the Corporate Finance page. You can find that under Management - Corporate Finance and then the Debt-tab.

Hi Hole,

I can't give you exactly what you are looking for but I can help you out on where to find it. 

First of all when you agree to a loan/credit then you agree not only to pay the instalment, but also the interest on the loan outstanding, both of which are deducted weekly. As you pay off an instalment every week, the interest will be lower every week. The rate you get will be based on your current credit rating which I'm guessing is fairly bad. It's not a case of we will charge what we want, more that you agreed to pay the calculated ammount.

The point on the contract information not providing pricing is quite valid, but I'm not sure how you access the contract without line selecting the aircraft. As you only have one aircraft purchased, and the rest are leased, so at a wild guess, the payment is related to that aircraft. 

In terms of the calculation you can view this via Management > Corporate Finance > Debt.

The total of that appears on Management > Cash Flow for the next 7 rolling days. A summary of the next 3 days is always available on the dashboard.

In terms of seeing the past...Management > Accounting > Bank Account seems to work fine for me?

So the numbers do exist, you just need to look. I know you don't want to hear this but the loan is likely to kill your airline, and at this stage a restart may be your best next step