Qatar Regional Airways for sale


Pakistan Indus Airlines is selling off shares of our Doha-based subsidiary, Qatar Regional Airways. Hopefully it can find a new management soon, in case Pakistan Indus Airlines ceases operations in the near future.

A request to the new management: please consider retaining "a former Pakistan Indus Airlines company" in the company info, if possible…



Why Pakistan Indus Airlines considering ceases operations? You are so successful, I tried to buy your shares when you going to IPO, but still not enough people taking.

Been quite busy so considered quitting the game. Not sure as yet. Thanks for asking, and THANK YOU to webbster, the new owner of Qatar Regional Airways. I certainly hope the airline will continue to prosper and grow further under the new management. Best wishes!

and yes the IPO didn’t work out at all despite my being in a well-known alliance and many high profile airlines as partners…perhaps a different strategy would work with the IPO. Let’s see…

lol… smart guy, sold off a dying subsidiary under the pretense of stopping play, he raised a little money for his main airline and now doesn’t have to worry about trying to recover a dying airline. No wonder people say do not touch the frontier markets :)

btw ‘webbster’ to make it less painful for you how about if you can manage to sell me 50+% of Qatar Regional I am willing to pay $125/share

lol… smart guy, want to buy a well running subsidiary under the pretense of calling it dying!

i highly resent that comment. it wasnt under any pretenses, and it was not a dying subsidiary! kindly do not judge others by making such assumptions about "frontiers". Stereotyping at its best!

the current owners, kindly consider selling it back to me if its becoming such an issue. i will be more than happy to revive it to the point where it was at the time of sale


Hej buddy,

i would really not bother about such useless rant!

Keep it up!

This stuff just some how keeps happening to him… but this time it was probably bad luck, I think a lot of people on the server are seeing diminishing profit margins.

So he comes out with his details that you can already see on the info page and says


Being a "frontier" airline, the directors of Pakistan Indus decided on making the information about its assets known prior to IPO, publicly (esp to critics in the "mainland" running enterprises across the border) establishing the sound financial position before the injected capital by investors.


to try and gain confidence and project himself as a clean guy (which I don’t doubt, I’m just busting his chops) and BAM!! one week after IPO he is in the red… lol

and hey jdflyer, take it easy man, I’m just kidding with you here and props to you for buying back your crap (yes Julstar, check it out, it was a dying sub then and a dead sub now with some cargo ops). I apologize if you thought i was offensive or something.

And what r u doing with your IPO money, didn’t notice you making any big purchases… terminals?

Good Luck.