Question about cargo terminals


the system does not look at how many units of cargo leave from the airport, it looks at the capacity of the plane.

If my cargo planes have a weekly capacity of 10000 units, and the planes are filled for 75%, my terminal only has to handle 7500 units. I mean... the staff and the conveyor belts in my terminal don't have to work if the plane leaves empty.

But if my terminal has a capacity of 8000 units per week, the system tells me I have overbooked my terminal by 25%. So I don't only pay for the terminal and the extra staff who works there, I also pay 25% of the cargo handling cost to AS.

Is this a bug or was this meant to be like this ?

Will it also work like this when overbooked terminals cause cancellations ?



Pax terminals go into overbook handling by As only after the exact contracted capacity had been really used up by the airline and I believe it’s the same for cargo.

Hi George,

I used to believe that too  :-)

But my flight information pages tell me otherwise. I pay (part of the) cargo handling, even if the terminal is not used to its maximum capacity.

I have never seen costs for passenger handling where I have a passenger terminal. Partly because I try not to overbook my terminals, and partly because the system probably only starts charging you money when you have reached the capacity of the terminal for that week. And "that week" depends on the day of the week you built the terminal and allocated the capacity to your airline.

Example: my cargo terminal in Shanghai can handle 30.000 units per week.  40.000 units are booked. These 40.000 units are the maximum capacity of the planes, not the actual loads. My station information page tells me I have only used 6.400 units so far this week. But every cargo plane that leaves Shanghai pays about 25% of the cargo cost, or about 6 dollar per cargo unit.

And I see this for every cargo terminal. Other players with cargo terminals should also see this.


I will try to check this myself in cargo terminals that I have. Have you tried checking the bank account movements after such flights depart?

BTW, Pax terminal count stars on AS week start, not on contract signing.

Hi George,

cargo terminals perhaps also count by business week. Don't know that.

I haven't checked my bank account. Will do now.


Hi George,

you asked me the right question  :-)

No trace of any payment for cargo handling on any airport where I have a terminal.

So the "cargo handling cost" on the flight detail page are an estimate of what I would have to pay if all my planes were fully loaded, based on the fact that the capacity of my planes is bigger than the capacity of the terminal.