Question on Turnaround times & Connections

Hi everyone…

Heraklio airport (HER) has a min connection time of 1 hour.

When a plane lands at 12:30 and has a turnaround time of 30 minutes, do i calculate the connetion time from the landing time (12:30 + 1 hour = 13:30) or from the total time including turnaround (12:30 + 30mins + 1 hour = 14:00)?

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The time from Landing. :)

Turnaround time and connection time do not relate to each other.

Turnaround time is the time needed to prepare your plane in order to fly out again.

e.g. Plane AA0001 landed at 0900, turnaround time 01:00, so the earliest AA0001 can fly again is 1000.

Connection time is the minimum time needed for your passenger to transfer from one flight to another.

e.g. AA0001 landed at 0900, connection time 01:30, so the earliest connection flight the passenger from AA0001 can catch is AA1100 at 10:31