Questions on stock market

Hello guys

I am new to stock market and would like to understand how it works in airlinesim, moreover I am sure people like me who dont know or afraid to invest in other airlines will have a better understanding of this.

What if I want to sell my shares and there is no user willing to buy them…what will happen to such shares? will the AS buy them out after an X amount of time or I will make a loss on those shares?

I have seen a lot of shares owned by AS, i understand that AS must have taken over them when the share holding company was liquidated. Can I buy the shares from AS?

How will the dividends be paid?

and finally, is it worth investing in share market instead of using the same money to invest in planes?

Hi and welcome to the stock market.

AS doesn’t buy any shares, so if you have junk bonds in your portfolio, noone will buy them. And watch out: The stock market is heavily regulated, shares can only be traded within a “price window” defined by AS every week.

You got it right: The shares held by AS Holding are “inherited” from liquidated companies. AS Holding (usually, sometimes it didn’t work in the past) offers them at the current market price. Dividends are 15 % of the company’s profit and are distributed weekly.

As this game is called “AirlineSim” and not “WallStreetSim” or something like that, I don’t quite get the point of your last question. Don’t you WANT to invest in planes? Anyway, on a new server you can make a lot of money buying stocks early. But a rapid expansion of your airline is even more valuable. It’s always better to be the “first mover” and get a strong market position before the competition gets tougher.

normally you can make much more profit by investing in planes, BUT …

if you buy stocks from a profitable company, you earn the dividende AND the market price wil rise rise rise and rise

after may be a year many stocks of profitable companies rise by 1000%

the only problem then is, you must find someone who buy them

I still didnt get an answer to one of my questions.

I have seen AS holds shares for majority of the airlines (acquired when share holding companies liquidated), does AS sell its shares if someone wants to buy them? and if yes how can I buy shares from AS?

AS will take over shares when companies/holdings go bankrupt/are reset. Those shares then go onto the market immediately, at current market value.

As far as I know, as soon as AS Holding becomes the majority share holder, the company gets liquidated (as ownership is now in the hands of AS, nobody is playing the company any more).