Quick question about airline


Hi guys,
after half of a day of operation in AirlineSim with 3 new Airbuses A220 and 1 CRJ700ER im very surprised - most of my flight have booking higher than 50% and i nearly dont have flights with booking lower than 10%. Also Cargo is doing good. In seconds after seeing the stats i ordered a ATR-72-500F. I wanted to ask is it my airline doing well? Im new in airlinesim and i play on Xiguan.

Thanks for anwser.


Without looking deeper into it (as nobody knows which airline you are talking about), I would say that you have ordered too many planes.
Watch the tutorials, read the forum and you will be able to answer this question yourself in a while.


And what do you think about the A220-100?


? About the plane itself? About your usage in the game?
What do you wanna know exactly…?


About the plane, Do you recomend it?


Depends on routes…


I just realised my airline makes 100k profit per day- WOW
-3% profit margin


3% margin is nothing and not enough to survive the first week.