Quimby XV is live!

Hi everyone!

Time flies, doesn’t it? Well, it does for Quimby, which is starting into its 15th iteration today!
Click here to start playing now!

The server comes with current aircraft, a selection of used machines, nighttime bans as well as double slots. To celebrate the occasion, we’re also adding a credit discount voucher of 15%!

For further details, check out our new blog post:

English: AirlineSim Blog — Quimby XV: Releasing with used aircraft & a 15% discount voucher! — AirlineSim
German: AirlineSim Blog — Quimby XV: Neue Spielwelt mit Gebrauchtmaschinen & 15%-Rabattcode! — AirlineSim

We hope you enjoy the new server – let us know what you think!

It has been a long time since the last time I played Airlinesim. How many credits does it cost to play Quimby XV?

Thank you.

The regular 4 Credits for short-term game worlds.

Hello, support team! I just discovered something odd. An airline in my vicinity has approximately 1,000 more passengers than it has offered seats so far… (since we’re only in week 2, it’s kinda easy to calculate, I guess).
Curious, I looked at a few other info pages and discovered another airline (on a different continent) that shows the same phenomenon.

It’s particularly odd because one could argue that maybe there is a lag in one of the two data streams, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t seem to be the case since I also saw an airline that has exactly 100% load factor (the numbers add up precisely).

How is this possible? Has this happened before? I’d like to know the trick of how to sell more seats than I’m offering. :grin:

Can you tell me which statistics you’re looking at, specifically? So which pages in the game?