radar simulation


I’ve been experimenting with a program to display the schedules for my hub as an ATC radar display, and I’ve just uploaded a video recording at youtu.be/vFfYbb-1Bfg

The resolution is not so great, but see what you think. The timeline is speeded up by a factor about 50x.

It is really interesting and well done! =D

Link doesn’t work

Maybe you need to insert http:// and www. I didn’t want to embed the link directly.

EDIT: double post

i’ve already done it with a map as background

the discription is in german, the program in english

i had no time for translation, but will come next week

click here

i can put the ATC-design on my toDo list when you want :wink:

Looks like cool stuff, sorry I have not been reading the German forums ! ;=))

Is that java programming?

I wrote this stuff in python, it’s about 500 code lines. How big is the java?

little bigger because of the available maps

does it work for you?

btw: the flightplan works in english too ;)

So how do I exactly make one of my own airline?

I thought someone might ask - assembling the schedules for all the airlines at each airport is quite time consuming. I*ll think about doing some more for some major airports.

do you have a virtual globe with some airports or how does it work?

I downloaded airports.dat from http://openflights.svn.sourceforge.net/, this has a very comprehensive list of airports worldwide with ICAO and IATA codes, and geographic data.

Unfortunately I’m finding more and more minor bugs in this file - for example LFSB is not correctly coded. I’ve also found that there is a more serious problem in that AS presents departure and arrival times as the respective local times rather than UTC times, so the program needs more work to get round this.

The program does compute great circles, but there is no attempt to do any Mercator projection.

for the circles are some pages available

but the next tool i wanted to write is a overview of connection flights in a particular timespan


Looks great! Awesome job!

Thanks for the comments. I haven’t had time to do any more work on it recently. What I’d really like to do is model the approach and departure patterns in a realistic fashion.